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What is Health Insurance & Importance of Buying Health Insurance

In Today’s fast-paced lifestyle necessities, it is really important to purchase a Health Insurance Policy.

It is important to protect yourself and your loved ones from any kind of medical emergency that might put you under financial stress.

Life is unpredictable. and so as Health Risks and uncertainties are a part and parcel of life. One can not plan and get sick as per convenience.

During Covid -19 Pandemic is one of the most considerable health uncertainties around the globe.

In 2019, the Covid pandemic has drastically changed lives across the world. People were struggling to get treatment, and the high cost of medical healthcare treatment facilities made people lose their lives and many experienced and faced their loved ones dying because of costly hospitalization expenses.

Considering the rising medical costs and an outbreak of lifestyle diseases among Indians, having health Insurance is necessary for every individual.

A medical emergency occurs unexpectedly and has a significant emotional and financial impact on the individual and their family.

The national and global health agencies put a great emphasis on keeping the immune system strong during the Covid-19 outbreak.

With this pandemic, many people have started prioritizing their health and trying to follow a healthy lifestyle.

People often say that we are financially stable, why do we need to invest in Health Insurance?

Well, with the continuous rise in medical facilities in India, falling prey to any critical illness can lead to your family being financially handicapped.

The benefits of having a health insurance policy are vast. It is the best way to ensure that an individual and his family are safe from financial instability in case of an eventuality.

The fast-paced life, bad eating habits, high levels of pollution, and higher risk of incidence of diseases at a younger age are the major factors that may result in medical emergencies.

Importance of Buying Health Insurance

Financial Security

Sooner or later, everyone would want to lead a financially secure life. While achieving financial security is obviously linked to saving enough for your future, getting insured is an equally important part of it.

If you do not have a health policy, then in the time of a medical need you will have to pay it out of your savings, which would ultimately affect your finances.

Health plans help you manage your emergency medical expenses so that you can utilize the savings in a better manner.

Plus, the cherry on the cake is the tax exemption that you get u/s 80D on the premium that you pay for your health policy.

Shift in lifestyle

Lifestyle has changed a lot in recent times. We have to travel a lot, sit for long hours at work, don’t get time to take care of our health, and also neglect small signs of an accumulating health problem.

All these things can lead to serious health problems in the future. Hence, health policy is more than a requirement as it includes regular medical tests, covers a range of medical treatments, and provides medical services at the best healthcare facilities.

Early disease incidence

Lifestyle changes, bad eating habits, and pollution are major factors that have led to an increase in the early incidence of a range of serious health disorders.

Having a health plan allows you to avail of free annual health checks ups, from time to time, thus saving you from developing serious health problems.

Rising medical costs

Healthcare expenses are unbelievably expensive, and it is estimated that the cost of medical expenses will rise further with the rise in inflation.

So, to safeguard yourself against rising medical costs and stay financially secure, having a health plan is a must.

Health insurance provides prompt access to medical treatment, with the flexibility to customize your policy as per your healthcare needs.

So don’t wait, cover yourself and your family with a family health insurance plan today.

It is crucial to choose a trusted insurance provider who comprehends the importance of health insurance and offers relevant benefits.

As the policyholder, you must have the satisfaction of selecting one after a careful comparison of the benefits and features they offer.


As we all know that today in our country of India, every person’s family is affected by one or the other disease. And the cost of medicines and hospitals becomes so high that not everyone can afford it due to which they do not get proper treatment.

In such a situation, health insurance acts as a protective shield, with the help of which even the biggest disease can be treated very easily, that too in a good hospital, that too free of cost.

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